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About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy

Thrive Child Care and Family Resource Center began caring for children in the fall of 2018 to meet the needs of families in Rochester, Minnesota. We believe that everyone should live in a community where all children are prepared for school and success in life. Thrive also believes that supporting families is a key to the success of our community. Thrive Child Care and Family Resource Center will be building community, one family at a time.

Our program is grounded on 4 components of early childhood education.

Our program is grounded on 4 components of early
childhood education.

  • Quality Interactions
  • At Thrive, every moment that teachers interact with children is an opportunity to build positive relationships through quality interactions. Our teachers model quality interactions by getting on the child’s level, engaging in meaningful conversations, using pleasant and calm voices, being respectful and by being responsive to children’s academic and emotional needs.

  • Hands-on Learning
  • We believe children learn best through hands-on experiences. When children are able to touch, smell, hear, see and even taste things, the learning becomes more meaningful. Our teachers provide opportunities for children to explore interesting materials on their own which allows them to be actively engaged in learning.

  • An emphasis on social and emotional development
  • At Thrive, we understand the value and importance of nurturing social and emotional development of our children. We know that children’s emotional well-being during their early years has a powerful impact on their social relationships throughout their lives. Teachers at Thrive support social and emotional development by modeling respect, showing kindness and teaching concrete strategies for expressing feelings in appropriate ways.

  • Family partnerships
  • At Thrive, we believe that parents are their child’s first teacher. Parent partnerships make a positive difference and benefit everyone, including the child. When children see positive interactions between parents and teachers, they begin to understand what respectful relationships look like. When parents feel valued, they want to be active participants in their child’s education. At Thrive, we provide opportunities for parent participation, offer resources and respect each parent as an individual.

We believe that children need a safe, healthy and loving environment where they can learn by discovering life for themselves through hands-on experiences and purposeful play.

Why Choose Thrive?

Our staff engages in quality interactions with each child. They can be found participating in play, engaged in conversations and encouraging children’s skill development throughout each day.

Social and emotional development is key to children’s future success in school and life. At Thrive, our program provides an emphasis on this component of development. We want our children to be able to make friends, regulate their emotions, develop empathy and be successful in building relationships with others.

Our creative staff plans developmentally appropriate activities that allow children to grow and develop at their own pace. In our small groups, children develop to their fullest potential by interacting with well-trained staff who are able to give individual attention that makes learning enjoyable and fun.

A mutually supportive partnership between families and the staff will be nurtured and maintained at Thrive. We are deeply committed to working with the whole family to provide them with a quality early childhood experience and meet each family’s unique needs.

Thrive Child Care and Family Resource Center is dedicated to our mission of building community, one family at a time. We look forward to building our story alongside our families and children.